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Create A Supportive and Stimulating Environment to Nurture Your Child's Growth.
Give your child the best start in life with Shae’s Lil Sweethearts Childcare. Our experienced staff are passionate about nurturing each child’s unique gifts, and creating a supportive and stimulating environment to encourage learning and growth. Quality care that makes both you and your child happy!

Nurture your child's unique gifts with Shae's Lil Sweethearts Childcare

We know how important children are to their parents as well as the importance of a child's education and development in the early years; therefore, we want parents to be assured that we are providing a warm, safe place with well-trained staff that will kind-heartedly encourage positive play with peers and put forth fun-educated lesson plans that build self-confidence, introduce children to new experiences, and the promotion of cognitive skill-building.

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Shae's Lil Sweet Hearts, LLC opens Monday - Friday, 6:30 am - 10:00 pm; unless otherwise noted; we accept children infant to 13-years old in our Facility. Shae's Lil Sweet Hearts, LLC believes children learn best by doing. We allow time and space for children to experience hands-on materials and activities, teaching independence with self-directed and teacher-directed play. We place great importance on art activities that have proven to lessen stress, open the imagination, and build cognitive and social skills. These art activities include, but are not limited to craft, music, and painting.

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At Shaes Lil Sweethearts daycare, we are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children to learn and grow. Our goal is to be a leader in the industry, staying at the forefront of best practices and technology to help us create the highest quality of care for generations to come. We strive to build strong relationships with parents, families, and the community around us while educating, inspiring, and empowering children to reach their fullest potential.

We have a belief that every child at an early age, given the opportunity to be part of a quality care learning environment like She's Lil Sweet Hearts, LLC will have a better chance of success in school and in life. We strive hard to give children the opportunity to learn new things that will broaden their minds, heighten their education, and leave them with a feeling of satisfaction that leads them to want to learn more.

A Nurturing Environment for Early Childhood Development.

Nurture your child's unique gifts

Give your child the attention and care they need to thrive and develop in their early years. At Shae's Lil Sweethearts Childcare, our experienced staff are passionate about nurturing each child’s unique gifts, and creating a supportive and stimulating environment to encourage learning and growth. Your little one will get the best start to life with us!

Our purpose

Entertaining, Educational, & Purpose Driven

With a job to do and a family to care for, you are likely looking for a place for your kids to be happy, secure, and stimulated while you're gone. Shae's Lil Sweethearts is the ideal daycare for your little ones, as it provides a cheerful, engaging atmosphere for them to express themselves and have fun. We make sure your children can be their true selves in our interactive environment.
Give your child the best start to their journey with Shae's Lil Sweethearts Childcare.
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Meet Rochelle

Rochelle at Shae's Lil Sweethearts Childcare offers professional and reliable childcare services in multiple locations around Oklahoma City. With over a decade of experience, you can trust that your little one is in the best hands possible. Their team of professionals are insured and highly trained, providing the highest quality of care for your child. From providing a safe and secure environment to individualized attention, Shae's Lil Sweethearts Childcare is the perfect choice for parents looking for a reliable and safe childcare service.
Your little one deserves the best. Give them a clean, quality environment to learn and grow in with experienced staff that are passionate about nurturing each child’s unique gifts.


Our purpose is to provide a safe, caring place for children to learn through play. With well- designed, developmentally age-appropriate curriculums, hands-on and computer-based activities and materials, children will build necessary skills that help promote an overall successful development as your child grows
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Hours: 6am - 5:30pm
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Hours: 6am - 11:59pm

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